Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tempoing the Night Away

Last night we had another 40 minute tempo run. After sitting in an hour and a half of traffic...WHERE IS EVERYONE GOING. ok ok. breathe, I'm back on the train this afternoon, I picked up Jason at work and we headed to the lake to do our tempoing. We have been parking right on Clark St. by Lincoln Park Zoo because the meters there are only until 6pm so we can park and get over to the path without having to pay for parking, or driving all the way north.

We did this run 2 weeks ago and I was worried that we would still be feeling the effects of the shuffle and would have a hard time keeping the paces we would need to keep. Turns out that wasn't the case and we did a good job. If anything our first couple of intervals were too fast

Just a reminder, we run about 1.3 mile warm up and then 5 - 1/2 mile segments increasing our pace on each one so that the 4th one is the fastest and then bring it down a touch for the 5th one, finishing with about a mile cool down...this is a great way to get through tough runs on the lake front path, especially if you are very familiar with the mile marker positions because it becomes monkey work and you don't really have to think about anything, just getting to the next marker.

This workout is very comparable to a few weeks ago and it felt great to get through it, although admittedly we didn't feel as good as we did a few weeks ago. It was just one of those days when I didn't feel like being out there, I had a tough day of work, I had a headache. You all know what I'm talking about. However, you know in sports when a team that wins a game that they absolutely should have lost and people say, "You know that's a good team". I kind of felt like that yesterday. Maybe we are really getting into that zone and granted it has taken about 4 years of working on this, but maybe we are getting there. I can tell you one thing, getting faster and stronger and making it through workouts like that, more importantly on a consistent basis, is a very very SLOW process, but one that I have very much enjoyed.

Alright, that being said. We are skipping the 3 mile run today because we have an event tonight downtown, stay tuned tomorrow as all Cubs fans should be very jealous. So we are going to do that tomorrow morning. We could have done it this morning but we didn't think there would be enough turn around time between runs. We also have an action packed weekend with our weekly date with Jake and LaurA! on Friday and then out to dinner on Saturday night with a fellow Goatrider, then Sunday we are going to head back out to Waterfall Glenn for our 10 mile long run. That's right bitches...double digits!


RunningJayhawk said...

Nicely done, you two! And good luck with that 1:20 half. ;)

Triseverance said...

Nice run! You guys do seem pretty strong for early spring.

Get the brooms out! I am predicting a Brewer Sweep of the Cubs at Wrigley today. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good run.  It looks like the Shuffle has left you two no worse for wear.

Now you are ready for other challenges!