Wednesday, April 02, 2008

AM Running & A Jazz Band

Yesterday we had evening plans so we had to get our run done in the morning. We were so wiped out from our opening day festivities that falling into bed early was not an issue and more like an necessity.

(Opening Day was awesome by the way. It was like a playoff game, the crowd was screaming on almost every pitch. We had a great time even in our crappy cheap seats)

But with opening day comes drinking starting at 10am and so yeah....we were tired by 8. So we got home and had a quick left over dinner and then went to bed. We got up at about 5:15 or so and we were out running at 6. Just a 4.5 mile loop around the west town neighborhood. I really like running in the morning when I do it. It's so amazingly quiet out and there isn't traffic so getting across the busy streets is much easier. However, I don't think I'll ever like getting up early in the morning so I still need to work on that. So we did the 4.5 miles at just under a 9 min/mile pace. I think we were still feeling the effects of the Shamrock Shuffle.

Jason went to work and I stayed in the city yesterday. I hate working at home now since it's really dull and time doesn't seem to move. But I broke the day up with a facial and then I went down to the local coffee shop for a few hours before going to get Jason from work.

After that we headed out to Forest Park to see some jazz. My dad's friends' son, Sam, is a drummer and he and two of his friends have a jazz trio deal. They are high school kids but Jason and I were so impressed! I have known Sam my whole life and I almost started crying when they started. I don't know why, they were just playing in this little ice cream shop, but he was out there doing it and they sounded really good. About halfway through their show a much younger kid (maybe 9 or 10) joined and played the saxaphone. He seemed really talented also (I know *nothing* about music) and also super excited to be playing with them (we think his older brother was playing the bass). The kid playing the piano never had sheet music in front of him...yeah. We said that's a lot of talent and not a lot of years.

On the way home we had to go drop our rent check off which requires driving all the way to the north side. We decided to take lower wacker drive....which is so super awesome if you haven't driven on there, it's pretty wacky.

I had big BIG plans to get up at 5am this morning so I could get to work early, but that didn't happen. So instead I got to sit in traffic for 1+ hours (boo!) since I was coming out to the Lab. Oh well.

Tonight we have another 40 minute tempo and we are going to try and follow the same structure that we did when we did this two weeks ago...namely sans the Garmin and just use the lakefront mile markers for our timing as it seemed easier to break it down that way.

For those Cub fans out there, Jason does some writing on and they are doing great things this year, so something to keep an eye on.

Alright, and it's Wednesday.


Nicole said...

I never like getting up early either...actually, I don't even like getting up when it's late :) If you have any pointers to make it less miserable, let me know!

Jason said...

Well, I played clarinet from fifth grade through sophomore year, so I feel I am quite qualified when I say that Sam rawked. Or, um, Jazzed, I guess.