Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plan of Attack

Well, alright. I e-mailed my adviser with a proposed plan of attack for my thesis. He needs to read over it before I turn it in, make revisions and so on. To help him (and I as I love deadlines) I thought it would be easier to get it to him in stages instead of all that once. So I have three major deadlines, May 12, May 26 & June 9. The stuff that is due May 12 is done barring Jason giving it a once over for me, the stuff that is due June 9th I would say is about 50% done...most of the information is there but probably needs to be rewritten, reviewed, updated etc. etc., plus I do need to add in a section at the beginning. The stuff that is due May 26 is what really has my panties in a twist these days. Due that day is the theory section. I have a lot of time though so I just need to breathe deep and get it done. That being said, 50% of the theory section is also done, it’s just the specific part for my thesis that is looming there like a big black cloud of crap. My thesis is at about 150 pages right now....yowza! It’ll probably end up around 200, or 250 by the end of all this. My dad said this writing of a thesis is similar to training for a marathon. In ways it is, but WAY WAY not as fun.

This weekend is the Flying Pig. Jason and I are registered for the 1/2 marathon but due to the crazy that is me, the achilles that is still bothering me from time to time and this thesis there is no way I can take the weekend to go down there. I am really hoping that by the end of next week I have more of an understanding of this theory stuff and will be able to start putting words down. And at the same time calm down a little bit.

I also have to give a talk on Friday. Grumble. Basically it’s the exact same talk that I gave in October with a few updates so the talk is already written, I just need to update a few slides. I worked on that a bit this morning and hopefully it won’t take too much more time today.

This weekend then is going to be working and working...although we do have plans to go see Iron Man with Jake and the LaurA! on Friday, then breakfast plans with the lovely Lisa on Saturday morning, and then hopefully dinner plans with some college friends on Saturday night (although I haven’t heard back). That gives all the day on Saturday for working, and I’ll probably give myself a break on Sunday.

So this is Leah. Signing out. Dreaming of July.


Running Jayhawk said...

Just remember the light at the end of the tunnel.

It'll be over soon.

And we'll buy you lots of drinkies to celebrate!!

Good call with the deadlines, sounds like you've been making great progress, hun!

Bridgette said...

Deadlines are you friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Leah...great plan. intermediate deadlilnes always help. Keep it up...almost there!