Friday, April 25, 2008

Childhood Games

About a month or so back a friend of our as Fermilab asked if we would be interested in playing kickball. Kickball? Yeah that’s the thought I had as well. We said why not, sure we’d play.

A guy next to me just changed into roller blades in the train station. Now THAT’s the way to get around town!


So right, the games are Thursday nights and snuck way up on us as the first game was yesterday. I had already told other friends of mine that I would have to pass on a repeating Thursday evening gathering because of Thesis (yes it’s so important that I will capitalize it from now on) work but I had actually forgotten about kickball already slated for that night. Either way I didn’t play, so Jason went to kickball and I came after the game. Apparently it was lots of fun as it was raining really hard and so there was lots of sloppy play and whatever.

After the game I was talking to Jason and I said, “It’s like hey you weren’t embarrassed enough in grade school when you were picked last for kickball, let’s bring back that feeling 20 years later.” He agreed, of course.

After the game the entire league goes to Nick’s Beer Garder on Milwaukee Ave for drinks and apparently “flippy cup”. The Fermilab friend that got us into the games in the first place who is our age said, “You know flippy cup must be a generational thing because I know drinking games, and I’ve never played it.” We talked of the old days were Asshole & Beer Pong ruled.

We didn’t play, just had a couple of beers and went on home. And look at me resisting the “Get Drunk on Thursday Night” routine that I have had going the past month or so. Nice because I didn’t get to bed that late, and I hit snooze a couple of times this morning so I slept in a bit. No early working for me today and I feel really refreshed. It was catching up with me a bit. I did have an e-mail from the Advisor (In Frank Lloyd Wright’s Autobiography he refers to himself as Architect...capitol letter ‘A’) that had the time stamp of 5:44am on it. I know that’s 6:44am his time so really not that early, but I’ve always wondered if he ever actually sleeps. Sometimes we’d get mail from him at 3 in the morning and wonder if he is just getting up (my parents always got up *really* early like that) or had yet to turn in for the “night”. I’m going with the latter. Either way, it wasn’t any big e-mail, just some more ideas on formatting my publication.

So right. Thesis work is actually going pretty well. It’s just all I can think about and all I want to do. As soon as I get through this theory section I know I will be feeling a lot better. Hopefully that will happen within a week or two as I have the first half kind of done. Tomorrow and Sunday mornings we are going to go out somewhere where I can work on my thesis and Jason has offered to help me edit it. I mean he already has a PhD, so I guess he should right? So we need to find a great coffee shop/cafe/ room somewhere that we can just ride our bikes to or take the bus to or whatever and just sit there and work. I have a deal with myself that if I can work well from 8-12 or so then I would have the afternoons free.

Look at me ramble ramble ramble on. That’s what I get for writing on the train I guess. So hey, look it’s Friday already. We have our weekly date with Jake and LaurA! and are going to see some hip hop theater show at the MCA...I have no idea what it is, but it sounds really interesting......hopefully better than the puppets. I’M TEASING. Kind of.


Scott said...

Sounds like another great Chicago weekend coming up. . . writing included. Enjoy and GO CUBS!

Triseverance said...

After wrecking my ankle playing kickball I am never evah playing that game again. I am just plain and simple too darn old. But that is just me.

Firefly's Running said...

Kickball sounds so much fub!

Perry said...

I love playing kickball although I did strain an ankle the Wednesday before a Sunday marathon once. That sucked. Never go on a 10 mile run prior to playing a game of kickball.

From reading your blog it sounds like we're kinda in the same neighborhood. I live in Bucktown/Wicker Park and frequent some of the establishments you mention. You can also see me joggling down North Avenue.

To read more on Chicago Kickball adventures see the Urban Tribe blog. We have a great time. Each player gets their own intro song.