Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Achilles Tendonitis

So because I am insane and I have to know everything RIGHT NOW. I canceled lunch with my friend and got an earlier appointment at Athletico. It's what I thought it was, just a case of achilles tendonitis. He gave me some things to do and of course rest and ice and blah blah blah. He also mentioned that my shoes might be too supportive and to try the Brooks Axioms. I have run in Adrenalines for years now and this is the first time a problem has shown up though. But I'll try them on and see. He looked at the calluses on the bottom of my feet and they looked like I was twisting or something when I was running...too many calluses on the outside of me feet.....I don't know....Whatever.

Ice. Rest. Ice. Rest.

I'm going to try and go to the gym to do some weight lifting and probably do some biking as that probably wouldn't be too much work.

The guy was really nice and it was all free so that was good news. If it's still really bad in a couple of weeks I'll go and see a doctor which he could recommend.

So that's that.


Nicole said...

Oh no! Did he tell you how long you'd have to Ice. Rest. Ice. Rest.? :) I wear Adrenalines... :s

Margo said...

I wear Adrenalines too and am suffering from a sore achilles. Mine popped up on Monday after I may have tried to do too much on my 2nd workout of the day. Get better soon!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Um hello, didn't i say that? I'm a real doctor who is really good at what he does! and pretty damn sexy if i say so myself!

LeahC said...

dude, I know you did. I over react to everything. When I got to my car that day I couldn't push down on the gas pedal without pain shooting up my leg, so I thought it might have gotten worse since I had seen you.