Sunday, April 06, 2008

It Hurts

I have been running consistently for about 4 years now. I tend to know my body and know when I'm just sore from running (all the time) or something is wrong and it hurts.

On Wednesday after our speedworkout when we were were walking back to the car I mentioned to Jason that my achillies on my right foot was really sore. I didn't think much more about it
as it hadn't hurt during the run at all. We didn't run Thursday or Friday but I did notice on Friday when we were waking home from the bus that it was sore.

So yesterday we go out to run 5 miles (in shorts and a t-shirt no less because it was 60 flippin' degrees out...oh yes spring is here) and it was sore the whole time. Of course I didn't turn around at the beginning but rather ran out about 2.5 miles and then realized it wasn't happening. That of course means I have to walk home the remaining distance.

So booty. Do I go out and test it again during out 10 mile run? Or do I just try and rest it for a few days as I think I slightly pulled the muscle? Well, like I said. I know my body and this is not just soreness that I can get through and I feel that if I push it I will be doing more harm than good. We ran into the Lovely Cousin Lisa on the walk home and I was telling her about it. She mentioned that she came down with tendinitis in the same area when she was training for a marathon and had to take 4-5 weeks off. I don't want it to get to that point and I don't even think that this is that because it more hurts all the time whereas she said hers hurt more the more she ran. ...but if it is....4-5 weeks off sounds like a nightmare. I read online that if it's just a pulled muscle or strain then things could heal in 7-14 days...although I don't know if I'll even take a full 7 days off.

So we aren't going to run today and I'm upset because the Sunday Long run is one of my favorite things about the week. We'll try again on Tuesday maybe and see how things are feeling.

Alright, Sunday is big breakfast day and I'm on cooking duty.

Oh yeah. AND YAY FOR KANSAS! (I'm a fan by default since our good friends are from there :-) )


Jonathan said...

Bummer. It sounds like the start of achilles tendinitis. It's the same thing that happened to me last year before Chicago. I'm pretty sure it was speed work that caused it for me. I treated it by 1) Taking it easy for about a month (no more than 3 miles, slow) 2) Going to the physical therapy to get it zapped twice a week 3) Lots of advil and ice (got to minimize the inflamation). It sucks but it's better to deal with it sooner than later.

Triseverance said...

Rest and caution will always get you back faster then pushing it. Every single time.

Hope you feel better soon.

Scott said...

Those damn achilles tendons can be the achilles heel for runners. Well, know what I mean. Take it easy and don't push it. You have to write, write, write so ice your foot and heal...heel? No, heal!

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