Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Weekend Roundup

Well given that I haven't posted since we go.

Thursday night we went out for drinks at Monk's with a guy from Jason's work which was super fun. Jason and I both had about 6 beers too many but whatever, it was a good time. Apparently if I'm not a marathoner I just drink too much...I don't know why...pissed cause I can't run is the main reason. Although since I'm not running I *should* be doing the health thing and going to the gym and all that good stuff. I am going to try and do that this week actually because I think my achilles is feeling better enough that I could actually be in a pair of shoes without wanting to cry. Although....I have only been wearing a super cool pair of orange crocs the past few days so I really don't know how my achilles will do with normal shoes....maybe I could run in these....hmm...maybe not.

Friday night we went out with Jake to see Masters of the Universe at the midnight show at the Music Box. Yes yes, that is in fact the Heman (or is it He-man?) movie. The audience consisted of us 3 and a bunch of other nerds which was awesome as the commentary during the movie was Mystery Science Theater-esqe. So that was hilarious and a good find by the JMan.

On Saturday we had lazy plans. We were going to do nothing all day and like it. We stuck to that until about 5pm when unavoidably I got bored and wanted to go do something. So we headed down to our favorite coffee shop, Barista, and thinking they were open walked in an ordered some lattes. While April (the super cool owner who you should totally go say hi to if you are in the neighborhood as she's super friendly) was putting the espresso machine back together I had the suspicion that the store was actually closed. I asked her how late they were open and she laughed and said they were actually closed but that she had bills to pay and thus never turns people away. I love her and her coffee shop. So. Great.

From there we headed down to Division to deposit some checks and we headed to Easy Bar to finish our coffee, catch some of the Cubs game and have a drink. From there we went to Aki Sushi to try and fulfill my new found desire for sushi that I have had since Mike's birthday last week. It was ok, although I think the specialty roll that Jason got was great. However, even though I didn't love the food (I get a little squirmy with the raw stuff if I think about it too hard) we had the best evening. The wait staff was very not pushy at that place and we had a bottle of wine and ended up sitting there for about 2 hours which was fantastic! Just chatting and taking our time with dinner and whatever. Very friendly staff and so I recommend it highly.

On Sunday we decided to go take a look at the Lincoln Square neighborhood just to have something to do. This is the northside neighborhood that is bounded by Foster at the North, Montrose at the South, Damen at the East & The Chicago River at the West. Wells park is central to this neighborhood. We walked around for about an hour although my toes inside my crocs were cold and so we couldn't walk around as much as I would have liked. However, we LOVED what we saw and so we are looking for this to be our next neighborhood. All the Chicago neighborhoods are so different and we have lived in three of them already. It's almost like moving cities because there is the re-finding of coffee shops, book stores, libraries, grocery stores etc. This neighborhood, especially, felt kind of like a small town which was weird. From Montrose/Lincoln you are only 2 miles from the lakefront path which is perfect (we clocked it as we drove out there). So we are looking to move sooner rather than later although we have our lease through August. We love this neighborhood too, but we are getting that moving itch so we'll see what happens with that. It would be nice to be closer to the lake for the summer. Plus the commute downtown wouldn't be too bad since there is a brown line stop very nearby. would be a longish trip on the brownline to get all the way downtown, but we'll give it a try soon and see what that's like.

The rest of Sunday afternoon was pretty lazy, with a nap thrown in there just for good measure. I am still taking time off from running. I have been icing and soing some exercises and things might be starting to feel better. I'm frustrated that now that the nice weather is here but I'm not out there running. But I would rather rest now and not loose more days than necessary, which I think is the smart move.

Alright, and thus it's Monday!

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Firefly's Running said...

Sound like a great weekend. Lincoln Square is a great neighborhood. Lots of good bars up there. You are also near the Metra too at the Ravenswood stop.