Monday, April 21, 2008

Could Be the Best Weekend Ever

So Ok, on Friday I was obviously Grumpy (that's right with a capitol 'G'). Nothing like a great weekend to get over it.

Friday night we went to the gym to do some weight lifting for the first time in months. We didn't do anything fancy, but boy is the gym empty on a Friday night when it's super awesome and sunny and warm outside. All the better for us. We left however to the unfortunate find of the dreaded orange parking ticket. What the hell. We were so confused because there weren't any signs or anything. A guy walking by was like, "oh yeah you can't park here during rush hours". I was like, oh really...but there is no sign. He laughed and pointed down the street to one at the end of the block and said the same thing happened to him. So ok, don't park on North Ave before 6pm...of course I'm pretty sure we parked around 5:55, but whatever. I get it. Chicago needs the money.

Friday night was a fun filled guitar hero playing /Sex and the City watching/Hoopla playing evening. Just your normal wackiness from these two crazy kids.

I am trying a new thing on the weekends. I am keeping my alarm set for 6:20 am, but just trying to get up at a reasonable hour. I found that last weekend, even though I turned the alarm off I was still up at 8am which is good for me considering I am going to bed so late on the weekends. I just don't want to lose any time with the JMan when we have the days off. So this weekend I was out of bed at 7:30 which is awesome.

We lazed around a bit and then headed back to the gym. We did a stationary bike for about 10 minutes. I know I know CRAZY right! and then headed up to do some weights. We tried to do some circuit training type things, so our heart rate was raised, and we were getting big and strong. Tough workout for sure, since we *never* workout.

We got home, watched the Cubs pounding on the Pirates and decided to go out for a walk around the neighborhood. As we we were walking down Augusta we looked east and noticed some very strange cloud stuff happening. At first we though something was on fire, but as we got closer we found that it was just some strange low flying cloud stuff. Something that I would more imagine to find in San Francisco not Chicago. We walked all the way to Milwaukee, back North on Milwaukee to Division and then it was raining, so we ran into Mac's and had some beers and a snack and watched the end of the Cubs game. Holy Hell are they good this year. Go Cubs Go.

Saturday night was more lazy, more guitar heroing and Sex and the City watching. We went to bed around 1:30 and I still wouldn't change the alarm, AND I ended up getting up at 7am! Oh hell yeah I did.

Sunday we had a great day. We dusted off our bikes and rode all the way downtown and took advantage of the beautiful weather. We went all the way down to the Planetarium and I took a bunch of pictures (I'm SO busy right now and have no time to actually post any pictures...grumble). Then I was curious about The Field Museum. I was wondering how much a family pass would be for the year. So we locked up our bikes and walked in. We found out that a student membership (I am still a student) is only $60 for the year and you can bring someone with you. So we did that and went to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit which was fun. I am not one with patience to walk around museums in general, and so this will be great thing because we should be able to go and look at one or two exhibits and not get overloaded. The yearly passes were quite reasonable too, a non-student individual was $80 (you can also bring a guest). And then a family pass was $100. So yeah, we are going to try and do that.

On the ride home we stopped quickly for some Potbelly's and then got home just in time for the Cubs game. I proceeded to pass out on the couch for about an hour. Then we went to see Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden with Jake and the fabulous LaurA! Good movie, I highly recommend it. It's by Morgan Spurlock, the same guy that did Supersize Me.

Alright, well I am way busy and so I am sure the above is just very dull blah blah blahness. But hopefully more interesting when I can blog on the traing tomorrow morning. In short though, 2 days at the gym and 16 miles of biking...I'm feeling *a lot* better. Hopefully with another few weeks off of running the achilles will loosen up and I'll be back in my running shoes.

Ok, time to get the week started!


Scott said...

Wow Leah...You should be doing promos to get people to move to Chicago! What a great weekend you had and yes...GO CUBS!

Bridgette said...

No where in your future plans does a trip to Columbus appear?!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Glad you had fun.