Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Train Time

Another late night last night, getting home at about 7:45 or so. The plan was to go to the gym but since I was still sore from my Saturday workout (I did the bicep curl machine and so now the entire inner part of my forearms are killing me. So like I can put both my arms straight out with my palms down, but then as I try and turn my arms so that the palms would point up it hurts so bad that my arm will that can’t be good...although feeling better today). Plus I just wanted a glass of wine and to relax. I am foreseeing my next few months and I don’t like it. Long days of writing and fighting with the math logic and GASP working on the weekends. I HATE working on the weekends, but I am thinking I am going to have to do some editing or something on the weekends. Lucky Jason is going to get chances to edit my thesis as well, which is good because I know how much he misses physics and so I just want to give him a chance to keep a foot in it. Yeah that’s it.

Long days in the Lab and I am still taking the train so my commute is long. But with no running that’s not a huge deal and the train time has taken the place as my “peaceful place” which used to be reserved for running time. I have quite the routine down. I get downtown between 7:30-8:00 (depending on that morning’s relationship with the snooze button) and work on whatever I can until about 8:20. Then I do this blogging on the train from about 8:20-8:40 which is when the train leaves.Then I read until I get off the train at Wheaton. The way back is similar. I leave the lab with plenty of time and get an iced tea at the Caribou and relax for 10 minutes before the train comes. Then it’s reading all the way back to Chicago. In the mornings these days I am reading a biography about Frank Lloyd Wright which is turning out to be better than I thought. The first few chapters were a bit hard to get into. Then on the way home, I want more entertainment and less thinking and so I am reading Killing Floor, the first of the Jack Reacher books which I am thinking I am going to be quite addicted to. See my review of The Hard Way at my Goodreads account.

So that’s that. I am going to try and get to the gym when I can, and I’ll run when my achilles doesn’t hurt. But for now, it’s just thesis all the some great relaxing train time.

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Scott said...

Train time can be the best unless you fall asleep and then when you wake up your backpack is gone. The good news was that that meant there was no way I'd have to grade the papers that were inside!