Friday, April 18, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

..or rather apparently come back to life.

So here we are. Out of running commission. No kids and no major responsibilities. Physics work is just wrapping up and so not too much stress there. And we have money.

This equals Leah transforming back into her Pine Grove (My Dad says everyone in Chicago lives on Pine Grove at one point in their lives) days. Those days, fresh out of college making cash and not caring a thing about...well anything. Those days we went to Murphy’s on Broadway at least three times a week and most Friday and Saturday nights. But when I say, went to. I mean WENT to, like for the night. Just settle in at the bar, and laugh? darts? shots? beer? All of the above please. That was understandable, I mean we were 21 years old.

I’m not saying things are getting to that level because quite frankly I don’t think I could do that again as that kind of drinking and partying is reserved for those of you that are in your lower 20s. Go have fun, peel yourself off the floor on that Sunday morning. Have a greasy breakfast, you'll be fine.

Not that I am even drinking that much, but the fact that I think for the 3rd or 4th Friday in a row I’m nursing some kind of headache/hangover is annoying me and pissing me off to no end. I know this is mainly because I am not running and just pissed off about that, and to tell you the truth I’ve had fun the past few weeks. Last night I got to meet all the people that Jason works with which was fun as they were all really nice and hilarious. It must be fun to work with people that aren’t socially retarded. We laughed though because Jason is the oldest person there. His coworkers are 25 and his boss is 27 (we are 28). Zing! (see....all the time!)

So anyways, I’m just going to try and cool it down a bit now. Tonight Jason and I are going to go to the gym. I am bring the car back tonight and so we’ll be able to go and not worry about me walking 3 miles roundtrip to get there. So we’ll do some weight lifting and then just come home and watch a movie or two...or 12 episodes of Sex & the City (the movie is coming out you know, perfect timing to rewatch all those shows).

I can’t let myself fall down the rabbit hole and back to my party girl days. Instead of the hangover and the schnanagins that took place the night before being “hilarious” when recounted the next day, they are more like “pathetic”.

So thus, I try and quit the bad habits and get back into the good ones. I’m not too far gone and really I’m being rather over dramatic, but in general I am over dramatic so it makes sense.

Oh yeah, and it’s Friday. Happy Happy.


Triseverance said...

Life is short, have fun and don't stress about it. :)

LeahC said...

Ha. Well yeah that's true too :-)

Anonymous said...

No running? Did I miss something? Is it the Achilles? I hope it is getting better.
Anyway, you old kids have a great weekend. Us, 30 year olds are going to bed early!

I'll even run a hill for you.