Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Basketball and I'm Not Talking About It

So last night was so super fun. We went over to those crazy Jayhawks place to watch the final game and to cheer on the Jayhawks to the national championship. "But wait," you ask yourself, "you are not a Kansas fan or have any stock in them". To which I reply neither of which is true. I'm way admitting I'm on the Kansas bandwagon this year AND if Kansas won then Jason would win the Charity Bracket pool. We like winning things and so it was on to root for Kansas.

What a fun night! Just a warning to all out there, Barb *might* get a little violet when watching a basketball game :-) I'm kidding. Kind of. The game was one of the best sporting events I have seen in a long time. I can't believe Kansas came back from 9 down with only 2 minutes to go. That final 3 in regulation was *amazing*. So good times where had there. It's so fun when your team wins. Not that I really know anything about that, but I guess I can understand it. We went to watch the Superbowl with our friends this year, one of which was a Giants fan. With Kansas winning last night and the Giants winning the Superbowl, Jason said all of our friends should invite us over when their team is playing as maybe we are good luck charms.

Right then.

So what am I not talking about? My achilles of course. It hurts. Bad. It's way worse when I have shoes on so I don't know what that is about. Mike looked at it last night and said it didn't seem like a muscular thing, but rather probably just some tendinitis and to rest/ice it. So that's what I'm doing this week. I walk about 1-2 miles a day to and from trains and cars and whatnot so I tried to wear some shoes that aren't so tight in the back of my foot. I don't really know how to describe it. It hurts ... so there. It seems like it's a bit swollen. If things are still painful on Sunday I'll make an appointment at Athletico and see what they say. I'm pretty worried and pretty pissed because the running was going really well and it was really fun. With the weather warming up I'm disappointed (dammit me and my spelling...always one 's' two 'p') to be on the sidelines. Maybeing biking would be ok.....

So there's that. I only signed up for the Flying Pig 1/2 to keep in shape in the summer months and have a race goal so I'm not that worried about it. That race was never going to be a PR given the hills and so whatever happens happens.

Tonight is a birthday dinner down in the south loopish area and then tomorrow should be a pretty restful day.

Oh RIGHT, one more thing.

Officially... On July 31st.. I will be defending my PhD thesis in High Energy Physics. I have to turn in the thesis by July 1st, so I'm in full on writing/updating/giving talks mode. Soon I'll be in the job hunting mode. YAY there is a big fucking strobe light flashing at the end of the tunnel!


Running Jayhawk said...

I'm sorry I molested your leg at one point. But it's okay to admit you kind of liked it.

...hope I didn't bruise you too bad!

Dawnie said...

WOOHOO! Yay for a defense date! Good luck getting that thing turned out in the next few months, and then you will be freeeeeeee!

I hope your leg starts feeling better soon. Being all ouchy is no fun at all.

Sloth said...

Um....you said "fucking"...

...that's my job!