Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mediated by How Early the Doors Open

Every morning I write blog posts after I get on the train and before it leaves the station. The doors to get on the train usually open twenty minutes before the train leaves. Twenty minutes is the perfect amount of time to spend writing this. Hence I get mad when the doors open late...cause 15 minutes is just a bit rushed. Anyways.

I know, right? My posts lately have been *fascinating*

The guy in front of me is sitting he’s pushing so hard into the back of the seat that it’s pushing up against my knees. What’s up with that!

So yes, I would say that I am a routine driven kind of person. I think that’s what makes me love marathon training so much, because it’s pretty mindless. You run when the schedule says to run and you don’t when it says to rest. Now that I’m not running, I have a whole new routine...not a *rut* and’s *very* exciting...and yes you are very excited that you found this blog today! yay!

6:00 - Alarm goes off
6:09 - I get out of bed after hitting snooze once
6:09-6:50 - Shower, breakfast, quick check of e-mails
6:50 - Out the door.
6:50-7:30ish - Bus/Train downtown - Grabbing a Red-Eye paper if they refilled the box by my apartment
7:30ish-8:15 - Fat-Free latte, return e-mails, work on publication at Cosi on Washington & Franklin (Um..yeah they kind of know me know as instead of me saying “Medium fat-free latte”, the see me and go “medium fat-free latte?”...yes please!)
8:15-8:20 - Walk to Ogilvie
8:20-8:40 - Write posts here!
8:40-9:35 - Read a non-fiction book (this is my new thing, I carry two books with me, non-fiction something in the morning as I am alert and ready (! exclamation point) to work and learn stuff...and then a somewhat trashy easy fiction book for the ride home.) on the way to my stop
9:40-9:55 - Drive to the lab
10-5:15 - Work on Physics stuff. Mainly thesis, a couple of hours for my publication (that fucking publication is why I am going to have to work on weekends)
5:15-5:30 - Drive back to Wheaton to get back on the train
5:30-5:50 - Walk to caribou close to the train station, get a Orange Zest Iced Tea...medium! The staff at this place changes every day so they don’t quite have my order down when I walk in. Who knows I might change my mind anyways...or not.
5:55-7:30 - Commuting back home
7:30-9 - Lay on the couch like a slug, these days so nerved up not hungry enough to eat dinner.
Asleep by 10.

I mean. It doesn’t change, which is good because I tend to work better with a definite schedule (probably the same reason I am a better runner when I am training for something instead of just “running when I feel like it”). Yes a lot of the time up there is commuting, but way worth it as I am getting so much reading done, and I loathe driving anywhere so it’s a nice calm way for me to end or start the day.

Yesterday I came up with an outline of sorts for the theory section of my thesis which helps because now I can put words down on paper sooner than I thought. My adviser is going to get busy at the end of June (of course) and so I have to make sure I don’t miss any of the deadlines I set for myself because there is really no extra or late time.

Well the train is moving and I am now over my alloted blogging time, and thus The Plan of Chicago awaits.

Tomorrow is Friday!

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