Saturday, May 17, 2008

LeahC is Everywhere

So I'm reading The Chicagoist this morning and I see a post giving the CTA closures and track reroutes and with the post is a picture that looks familiar, I scream at Jason to get in the office. They used a picture I had tagged with 'Chicagoist' on my flicker account months ago! They gave me a credit along with the title I had given the photo "CTA's new Motto".

Anyways, it's really not that big of a deal, but just nice to see something I took somewhere else in the internets. I was going to try and post one chicago picture post to that flicker account but as with most stuff of mine it ended up being 3 pictures. Anyways. Very. Exciting.


Thomas said...

Hey, that's really cool!

Congratulations, I suppose.

Scott said...

Great pic Leah. I remember when you first posted this. Keep on snapping pics!

Susanne said...

That's very cool, Famous Girl!