Friday, May 09, 2008

Running & Cross Training

oooh what happens when a Mrs. LeahC gets her groove back? She runs again! Another 1.5 miles. Oh that's right.

This time we ran to our weekly kickball game. Yep, Jason and I are on a kickball team and yesterday was the first time I had gotten enough work done that I could actually go to it. Jason and I ran into each other in the field when the ball came our way...totally not my fault as I actually called for it...but whatever :-) I'm kidding. I didn't kick the ball very far on my one and only attempt and thus I didn't really play that much at all. The team that we were playing were big cheater cheaters. They were really good and all kind of big assholes, but whatever still a good time.

Today I'm working at home. I think I have the first two sections of my thesis done. I mean "done". The first section is a 2 page introduction which I have to admit I was able to add some flair to (I know, who would have thought physics could have flair?). However, the second section is the theory section and I have 35 pages on that doesn't mean anything as I don't know what my adviser will think about it. Tomorrow Jason is going to read through it and since he already has a PhD might be able to give me some suggestions. I am about 2 weeks ahead of schedule which is awesome.

So today I am going to work through that section one more time so I can give him a good copy. Then I can start in on the analysis section of the paper, although it's almost all written but just needs to be reorganized a bit.

Alright, so it's Friday and we have a busy weekend coming up. Yay for Friday!

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Scott said...

I hope there's a video of you two lanky dorks running into each other in the field. Hell, the video in my head is pretty funny as is!