Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Good

Well yesterday I sent Adviser the theory chapter from my thesis along with a short introductory chapter. Today I’m working on a short section about particle reconstruction and Monte Carlo. If all that gets done I’m free and clear to work on the last part which although is partially done, needs to be expanded on and reviewed and whatever. It just feels good to get parts of the thesis done like this.

Also my publication is out for final approval which should happen by 4pm tomorrow...which is awesome. With that submitted and off the table, there will only be thesis to work on and no more distractions. Today is May 15th. In about a month I’m guessing, I’ll be down to only revisions and not any more writing.

It’s so exciting and feels so good to be seeing an end point. I don’t have a new starting point yet for a job but I’m working on that too. I am hoping to start a new job around August 10th or so, giving me a week after my defense to not have to think about anything. Of course that’s not really how I roll as I’m sure I’ll find lots of stuff to worry and stress over....BUT it won’t be physics. I could wait until September I suppose...but I’m getting antsy! I think I would get a bit bored waiting around for that ninth month to roll around. So August is the plan.

Last night Lisa and I went to see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantamano which was pretty funny. I think it might have been written for 18 year old boys....but still funny. No where near as good as the first one but of course it couldn’t be. Tonight it’s Eddie Izzard and then drinks at Rockit with a bro-in-law. I have no siblings (which.....kind of sucks, everyone out there with single kids, try and have another :-) ) and so I always have fun hanging out with Jason’s brothers. It’s weird to me because they are all so much alike. Jason is *a lot* younger than his brothers and yet, they all have the same sense of humor and the same general interests and whatever. So that should be fun.

No I haven’t gone running...although, I might work at home tomorrow and so maybe I’ll go to that Pilates class that is at 9am at my gym and then run with Jason when he gets home. The title of this blog should changed to No Marathon Running....we’ll get back there soon enough I suspect.


Jamie said...

Congrats on the progress!

I am soooo jealous about the Eddie Izzard.

Hi Lisa! (waves)

Scott said...

Oh I know you'll be back to running BIG time. In the meantime keep up the great work on your physics.