Friday, May 16, 2008

Eddie Izzard, Brother-In-Law & an Interview

Ok, Eddie Izzard was awesome. For those of you that have never heard of him, he’s a transvestite standup comedian. He’s also on a show called The Riches which I haven’t seen yet. Jason’s brother, Jamie, gave us a DVD of his show Dress to Kill a couple of years ago and it is hilarious. An old friend e-mailed me about tickets to his current show, Stripped, and would I be interested blah blah. So I was and so we went and it was Fantastic. His topic this time around was religion and talked about/made fun of that. Just more like, "Wait, really? Every animal on a boat? Didn't happen. How do I know? Go try and put every animal on a boat and see how it works out". Good good stuff and given that our views and his views seemed to be just about the same we especially loved it. So if his show is coming to your town go and see it. You will LOL.

After the show we met up with Jason’s oldest brother, Andy at a bar downtown. It was fun to see him as always. He was just in town for about 12 hours so we were happy that we were able to hook up with him.

So blah blah about the stuff up there....looks like I have an interview in about 2 weeks. Yes I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Actually while I am very nervous, I’m also really excited. I will obviously know more in a few weeks, but it is a software consulting company which has an apprenticeship program for those of us that are pretty smart and know how to program, but probably don’t know how to program cleanly, or smartly. Sounds perfect for someone like me who has been trained to be a physicist that computer programs, and not a computer programmer who knows a lot of physics. This would for sure be taking my career out of academia, but that really has been the plan for the last few years anyways. High energy physics is pretty spectacular, but well...I don’t know....high energy physics as a career and I don’t quite mesh. It’s like those breakups where you’re like what happened there? We both liked each other....but it just didn’t work out. So ok, are we don’t with the analogies now? I think so. I’m really excited to be seeing where my career is heading since it’s been a question for awhile :-)

Alright then. Today is more work on my thesis, I have to finish this one section, then it’s back downtown. I have some non-thesis physics work to do that I want to get started on tonight. There is a new graduate student at IU that needs some guidance on getting started and so I am going to write up some instructions for that. I love helping new students, I just wish I was in Bloomington so I could work more one on one with him, ah well. I obviously like to write a lot and so hopefully I can help.

So that’s it. Happy Friday!

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Sailor Sue said...

Great chatting with you today. And exciting about future possibilities. AND the captain might really go to a waterfall with me! Bonus!