Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Miss Him & Why at 5am?

Jason and I worked together for the last 6 years...well I mean I guess it was about 5 years in October before Jason started his new job. So many people would say to us, and still do, how could you stand seeing your spouse 24/7? I wouldn’t ever really know how to reply, well...I mean he’s like my best friend....we work well together...blah blah blah. I don’t know, I guess it just worked for us. He was always there when things got stressful or just to laugh with me or whatever.

I knew the days where that went away was going to happen. The real world isn’t as casual as graduate school and us laughing loudly in our cube wouldn’t really go over as well. Mostly I’m ok with it, but I don’t I just miss him. I miss seeing him all day long and now I only get a few hours with him. Now that I am working crazy hours it’s even worse because I come home and crash on the couch. It will be better when we are both working downtown because I’ll see him for the entire commute and we might be able to get lunch together or something. It doesn’t help that my in general freakout level is relatively high because this just adds on. My job search is starting though and there has been talk about his company as a possibility.

Or, maybe we’ll win the lottery and then we wouldn’t have to work and could just play all day. sigh. or not.

Anyways, I guess the good thing is that I miss him now. When you see someone 24/7 there is never a chance to miss them and when you say, “OH MY GOD! The funniest thing happened at work!” they say, “Yeah I know. I was there.” So now at least we have stories to tell each other about our day and we don’t have to pretend we weren’t already there for.

This morning our cat gave us a 5am wake up call. I mean just sat outside our door and screamed. What the hell, she had food and water and her box was clean...well ok relatively clean....but sheesh, give us a break cat. The alarm went off at 6 and the only reason I’m really annoyed is that I just didn’t get up at 5 and go out for a run or something. The running train needs to get started again. We have things happening the rest of this week, so maybe next week either a few miles in the morning can go down or something in evenings. Tonight Jason has a work party (open bar, free food and bowling for 4 hours...pretty sweet!) and so I am going to a movie with the cousin Lisa. Tomorrow night we are going to see Eddie Izzard with some old friends at The Chicago Theater. Then after the show, Jason’s oldest brother happens to be in town and so we are meeting him out for some drinks which should be a good time.

No big plans this weekend though which is good after the last weekend we had. Big goal is to get Adviser the first two chapters of my thesis by tonight, then the 4th chapter by Friday. (Already gave him chapter 3) THEN I will only have the Analysis part to go. Breathe. Breathe.

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mouse said...

dude, the whole being able to talk about your day thing is so freaking awesome, isn't it? I swear that's what I look forward to every evening when I come home and see the boy.