Monday, May 05, 2008

Like a Slug

Although, maybe that’s not fair. I don’t really know how active a slug is in general. Maybe they do more than just ooze around. I don’t know, but it sounds lazy and thus I use it.

I work pretty hard during the week these days. I’m up early and home late and I only think about my thesis. (I know about something else already!). So the weekends come around and I have the *best* intentions to work on my thesis. Maybe work with Jason on some theory problems. Maybe do some editing of things I have already written. Maybe (maybe!) write a whole new section. That’s always the plan. And not that it falls apart because I’m not out there doing other things. I just end up doing nothing. I still get up early in the mornings thinking that I can get some work done before the JMan gets up...but then I just have a cup of coffee and watch a movie or read the paper or whatever. And I think it’s ok. I think my brain needs the break so that when the week comes I can be charged up and ready to get back on it. Until I absolutely have to work on the weekends I am going to stick with being lazy. I go into Mondays with more gusto (that’s right, I said “gusto”) and in the end I think I get more done.

In the end we had a great weekend. On Friday night we went to see Iron Man with Jake and LaurA! and it was so so so much fun. I think everyone should go see it immediately. The theater that we were meeting them at was about 2 miles from our house. I leave my car in the burbs on the weekend (I’m trying to make my carbon footprint smaller) and so we are carless on the weekends. We decided to walk to the theater since I sit on my ass all day and I just wanted to get my legs moving. We walked all the way there and the great news is that I had no achilles pain. This is the most annoying injury I have ever had but I think it’s come at a good time since I don’t really have time to run anyways. So it looks like there is some progress on that front and I’m hoping that in another few weeks I’ll be really all better and can start slowly adding some runs back in.

On the walk home after the movie we walked right by Margie’s Candies. This place is about a mile from our apartment and we keep saying that we have to go in there but we never do. We noticed a lot of people hanging around outside and then noticed that they were open until one in the morning so we went inside to get some ice cream cones to go. The inside of this place has not changed, I’m guessing, since they opened in 1921. It’s one of those old Chicago places that has stood the test of time. We got giant ice cream cones and walked the rest of the way home feeling like little kids on a warmish spring evening.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and met up with the Lovely Cousin Lisa and her her hubby for breakfast at the Bongo Room on Milwaukee. I am way an eggs and bacon kind of girl, but Lisa gave me a heads up on the pancakes at this place. I took her advice and ordered some oreo-raspberry pancakes. I could have died right after eating them because it was one of the most delicious things I have ever had. Apparently the menu changes and so my mouth is already watering to go back.

After breakfast we headed to the library to work. For 5 minutes. Then we walked home and napped instead. After a lazy day around the house we got dressed and went out to Aki Sushi on Division for dinner. We went there a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t sold on the sushi, but this time I got some specialty rolls and for the second time that day I was in a state of yummy tastes in my mouth.

Sunday I got up early and did do some edits on my thesis....six whole pages at that. I KNOW! I’M AWESOME. The rest of the day we didn’t do much of anything. We went to the grocery store, took a nap, I went to target with Lisa came home...took another nap....watched the Cubs...I screamed at the TV announcers for their obvious hatred for the Cubs (seriously...we get it. Albert Pujhols is awesome. He’s not batting right now though, so maybe we can not talk about him for the 8th time. Great. Thanks). Went to bed early, was asleep by 10 and as I have been doing recently had dreams about being back in gymnastics (I was a gymnast for 7 years...yes I’m 6’ I didn’t play basketball...yes I was the tallest person on the gymnastics team). What are those dreams about. I’m like out there and I have to do my floor routine, and tumble and I have no idea how I am going to do anything. Recurring dream....what does it mean!?!

And so I come into Monday refreshed and rejuvinated. I left the house 10 minutes earlier this morning and I was downtown by 7:10 in the morning. I got all the edits done that Jason had for me on one section of my thesis, and half the corrections I had done myself on another section. So yep. Here we go. The rest of the day includes more work on the theory section. Yay!

Happy Monday!

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