Monday, May 12, 2008

Let’s Walk Some More!

Our weekend can be summarized with, “Well we could just walk there, I think”.

On Friday night I met Jason downtown and we walked North to meet Jake and LaurA! for drinks and a movie at Century theater. On the way we stopped for dinner at one our favorites, The Wiener Circle. This is THE place to go for Chicago dogs and they didn’t disappoint as usual. The food is always just as awesome as the atmosphere and Friday night was great as usual.

Saturday we walked to the library in Bucktown and did some work. Jason was able to read through my theory section and had some organizational suggestions. I think the Adviser is going to be happy that Jason is taking a first look at everything before he gets his hands on it. I’m happy that he read it and I think his suggestions will make it so much clearer and more understandable. I should finish the theory section and the introduction in the next day or so, making me about two weeks ahead of schedule. Even though I’m ahead of schedule I’m still so stressed out, especially on Mondays. I look at the calendar and go, “There is no way, it’s all due like right now” Of course it’s not due right now, it’s due in a month, but I get antsy and nervous. But anyways. It’s getting exciting. I worked on my resume as well because there is a job on the horizon (so. exciting.) and even if that doesn’t work out something has to happen this summer and so the resume needs to be done.

On Saturday evening we went out to dinner with everyone’s favorite Kansas Jayhawk fans at Vong’s Thai Kitchen which was amazing. They have a way that you can order family style and thus get to try more things out. If anyone goes there get the passion fruit suffle for dessert, it was worth the price of dinner.

On the walk back to the bus, Barb and I were squealing like little girls talking about a musical coming to town and the girl in front of us turned around, put her fingers to her lips and went, “SHHHHHHHHH”. Barb and I looked at each other, then back to the girl and were like are you kidding me? It’s 9:30 pm, downtown chicago and you’re shushing us? Seriously? Well of course Barb and I then just rode her all the way until she went into her restaurant. Go back to the burbs lady, sheesh.

On Sunday I got up early to work on my resume and read the paper. Jason got up a few hours after me. At about noon we headed to lincoln park to get some lunch and drinks with other Chicago running kids. A good time was had by all and we started walking back to the bus and soon enough just ended up back at our apartment near Western/Chicago. We started from the middle of Lincoln Park so that was pretty awesome although my legs are surprisingly tired today.

So today is Monday. I have thesis work on on the table today, sending in my resume and finishing up with my publication (’s *never* fucking ending and making me crazy every night...sorry Jason.)

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Scott said...

Maybe you should work for the city of Chicago writing Walking Tours! Sounds like a great weekend.