Saturday, September 02, 2006

Apartment Disaster

This has been the worst move ever. We are renting our current apartment to our friend semi-furnished for the month of september. The thinking here was that we would then not have to rent a truck and could just move things in stages. We worked from 8pm Thursday night to about 10pm last night with a 3 hour nap in between. needless to say our 12 mile run didn't happen. And? Oh we still don't have a bunch of our stuff that we our coffee pot for example. (although it's all getting there)

The big problem though is that the old tenant at our new apartment had a cat that apparently missed the fucking litter box. For 2 YEARS. The whole apartment smells like cat urine and it's all soaked up into the wood. I tried to clean it up with this extra strength cleaner, and scrub it out. Now I have just made the floors worse and the smell not better. There are two main spots, one in the kitchen and one in the second bedroom. Of course I won't be able to talk to the apartment people until Tuesday because of the holiday and I am guessing when I tell them they have to sand and resurface those two rooms (it's all hard wood) they are going to say no. and I am going to continue to have a nervous break down. I went to Home Depot and asked the guy if there was anything I could do and he said it would be such a pain in the ass and to tell the landlords they have to do it.

I am so pissed because I actually love moving and this has made the whole experience awful and depressing. Whatever.

I hope to get 5 miles in tonight and then 20 tomorrow and count going up and down three flights of stairs for 24 hours equal to 12 miles.



Nicole said...

All I have to say is that really really sucks. I hope you have a great landlord.
And the stairs should defintely count as miles.

Firefly's Running said...

Make a BIG NOTE on the check-in list about the urine issues. It should have been noted when the old tenant moved out. It's the landlord responsiblity here in MN. I don't know how IL law works there. Hold them accountable!

I count the stairs as cross-training.

Carrie said...

yuck, that totally sucks!

Bob said...

I am sorry about the cat pee issue. Another reason I am not a cat fan. Good luck.


Trish said...

what a big stinker!...Man yeh that's the down side of having animals (cleaning up after them) which one of the main reasons I don't have one. I hope your tenant isn't a jerk and is willng to fix it up before you move, who wants to live with the smell of cat urine...??? They should be able to fix it. I mean true it is their responsibility. :O)