Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A story of a bad rental agency.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful happy running couple by the names of Jason and Leah. After their wedding in 2004 they moved into their dream house (ok apartment) in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Wrigleyville. They were close to their beloved Cubbies, tons of bars and restaurants, the city's 18 mile running path and tons of other city spectacularness. It was perfect. sigh.

Within the first six months of their glorious wedding, they were realizing that it wasn't paradise in which they were living. Fast forward to 1 am at our New Years Eve soiree with our best man barefoot and soaking wet while he plunged...not that kind of story....our toilet. The happy couple thought that the toilet had been fixed in the previous 4 or 5 times the rental company had tried to fix it. Apparently not so, as us and our guests had to go across the hall to use the neighbor's facilities. Jason and Leah continued to have problems with the toilet.....for 18 months. Sometimes it would be fine. Other times they were forced to go stay the weekend with Leah's parents because there was no emergency number.....and zero water going down the toilet does not equal "livable". Finally the sewer men found the culprit : a makeup case was stuck down there. Leah was sure that it was not her makeup case since she had not bought that type of makeup for roughly 2 years. The Big Bad Rental Agency called Leah and told her she owed them $150.

Her eye widen as she says, "Um....well.....I don't's been broken since we moved in."

B.B.R.A. said, "Well if there was a problem, you should have called when it happened."

Leah said, "Well, I did. Don't you guys have a record of that kind of stuff? And for that matter it's not even my makeup case so why should I pay for it"

B.B.R.A. said, "Well, you just don't understand how expensive this stuff is for us."

Leah thinks, "Wait I pay about a grand a month in do the other 24 tenants of just this building....and these are the reasons that I RENT!!!" She proceeds to write a letter to the company explaining the situation and that is all that was ever heard about it.

Fast forward to July of 2006. The couple get a letter in the mail stating that their rent will be going up $25 and that we had to tell them within 2 weeks otherwise it would go up an additional $5. Jason and Leah were ready for this since they had dealt with this same issue the previous year, but had argued with B.B.R.A. to only increase the rent $10 which they had thought was fair. What is brilliant with the B.B.R.A plan is that there are no aparments available for October 1st on July 15th. So if the happy runners don't find anything they would be forced to pay the $30 instead of the meger value of $25.

After all the problems with the company, the happy couple decided to move to the Village of the Ukrainians. They found a nice 2 bedrooom apartment for $100 less than the Wrigleyville Disaster and found a nice rental agency to go along with it. They have a buildling manager that can be reached at any time if there is an emergency. And although the move in was a little shakey with some feline urinary issues, the company straightened everything out and were very nice and quick about it.

Fast forward to when it's time for the new tenant to take over the Wrigleyville Disaster, as that is when our story really gains momentum.

Stay tuned as Leah fixes the gasket she blew talking to B.B.R.A. (which is Hayes Properites if it wasn't clear from the title)


Joe said...

Yikes! That can't make you pay for that! That's insane!

Anonymous said...

If you or your husband don't know how to plunge a toilet then you are both fucking retards.