Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just the Norm V02 Max

Tonight was another V02 Max workout. After last weeks 5x1000 repeats we were ready to kick some ass on 5x600 repeats.

We did the 4 miles to the track and since there aren't any markers on the track I just change the units on Garmin to meters and then set the quick workout for intervals with .6 km followed by 90 seconds of recovery. I am almost 100% sure that the track is a 400m track (I ran the 400 in high school for two years...actually I ran the open 400, the medly relay 400 and the mile relay 400 at each meet.....I know the distance well :-) ...I love the 400m race, I think it's by far the most exciting race in track and field....ok...back to todays non-400m workout shall we......alright) TODAY was 600 meters which should be 1.5 laps. I think that two of the repeats were too long since we went what seemed to be an extra 100m so those times were slow, but as far as the feeling of the repeats they all felt about the same. So a good workout. I am having some kind of pain in my lower left leg, but it goes away after running for a mile or two...so I'm going to say I just need to stretch more....so I should actually do that!

There was another running couple at the track and holy ass were they fast and beautiful runners. I think they were doing 800m repeats and just very very speedy. So to them, if you are reading this....and I'm sure you not.....but nice job.

This evening Jason and I went to the container store because I got tired of trying to find a butcher block/cabinet type thing for out kitchen on Craigslist. It's all still kind of expensive and I couldn't find anything that wasn't kinda crappy. So we got this cool elfa shelf thing with drawers, a cutting board on top and wheels so we can move it around the kitchen, I think it should work out well.

To our delight we ran into Barb and Mike who were buying a hamper solution thing. It was good to see them and this is the second time we have run into them outside of running, we must have some kind of couples karma :-)

Anyways, tomorow is an 11 mile medium long run which we are going to try and slow down a bit since these midweek runs have all been too fast and I think this was the problem last week on Sunday.

Happy Running Everyone!


Bob said...

Good job with the intervals, I cut that run short, one mile warmup, the intervals and 1.5 mile cool down. I have been feeling Lazy this week, focused on the weekend race. Have a great week you two. Oh and BTW we are still waiting for apartment pictures.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

All the hot people run into each other at the Container Store.

Lana said...

When I use my Garmin at the track, and let it determine the distance, it's always off. When I go back and look at the map afterwards, I have seen that around the turns, sometimes, it plots some points that either to narrow or wide. Since my track is marked, though, I just setup my workouts to "End when I press the lap button".

Firefly's Running said...

I agree with Bob. We need apartment pictures...ASAP!!

Nice job on the intervals.

Running Jayhawk said...

It was great running into you! Hopefully your kitchen gadget solution works like a charm. :)

How'd the big 11 go?