Friday, September 29, 2006

Forgot to Mention Speed

With the bitches over ot Hayes Properties consuming my mind I totally spaced on talking about our workout on Wednesday, so here we go.

The plan was 10 miles with 4x1200 @ 5K pace. We ran the 4 miles down to the track, stretched and started running. I don't know if was because we left late (yelling at rental agency for an hour before we left) or we suck, but the repeats were slow. We thought we would like to get them done in about 5:30 or so and they ended up being
  1. 5:43 (4:46/km)
  2. 5:57 (4:58/km)
  3. 6:04 (5:04/km)
  4. 5:46 (4:49/km)
Which is really dissapointing. When we ran an 8K back in March we paced 7:34 miles. Those 8K times are roughing coming out to be 5minx5K = 25 minutes/3.1 = 8:06 min/miles......which obviously is about 30 seconds slower than our 8K pace......humpf.

Perhaps next time I'll stay away from the track and just head to the lakefront path and use legs are getting a bit sore from the turning. I don't know. We ended up running all the way home, so we were probably at about 10.5 miles or so which is nice.

No running yesterday but today it's 10, 4 tomorrow (only 4!!!) and then we'll try for 22 on Sunday......get ready because then it's time to sit back a bit and taper....but that means that the race is only 3 weeks from already setting in.


Running Jayhawk said...

It's almost taper time! (read as: it's almost barb freak out time)

I wouldn't let the track run get to you. Blame the bad Bird Bitch vibes.

Good luck with the double-deuce on Sunday.

Lana said...

Stress HIGHLY effects my pace. Don't sweat it. I agree with Jayhawk - blame the bird bitch.

Michele said...

Y'all are going to do GREAT at the race.
Good luck on the 22 then enjoy the taper.

Firefly's Running said...

Take ALL of the energy and emotion - then put it into the run. Use it to keep you going.

Good luck!