Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Surprise Weekend

What an awesome weekend!!!

On Saturday morning the floor guys came to fix our floors and so Jason and I were in and out all day. We went to the laundry mat, to the coffee house, to Dodo for a late breakfast, to Borders to our Old apartment to pick up some stuff. Anything to stay out of the house while they were sanding and scraping and painting. That evening we were going to a surprise birthday party for old friends of the family. So all of a sudden it was 3:30 and we had to leave for the party (we didn't want to miss the surprise part and hand to be there between 4-5). We didnt' get a run in that day because I could get into my apartment to change into running clothes and they took all day, so we decided to skip the 8-15K tune up race because well...life got in the way.

So we head out to Brookfield for the party and I call my dad and tell him that our floors look awesome and and I am so happy with the job they did and blah blah blah. I tell him Jason and I were close to the party so I was going to let him go. We got to the house and Kay and Gary say that their son Sam for who the party was for was in the basement playing the drums and that Jason and I and Evin (my cousin's fiance) should go down and surprise him. I am a little thrown at this point because I thought it was going to be a big surprise party, but ok, I guess it's just going to be the three of us. So I head downstairs and who is behind the drum set?

MY DAD!!!!!!!

He came into town to surprise me for my birthday! He did this last year too and I totally did not see it coming. He came two weeks early so that helped keep the suprise, but oh it was just so much fun!!!!

That night we watched the end of the Notre Dame game (they could go all the way this year!!!) and hung out.

Jason and I went back home and got up early on Sunday to get our 17 miles in. I have to say we felt pretty damn good. Even though it was raining sideways for about 16.5 miles of the run we had a really nice time out there. I talked to more people along the path which made the time go by a bit faster. We paced 9:17 miles which I can only be happy about. When we got home I called my dad and he came to the city and we spent the rest of the day hanging out in our new neighborhood and watching the Bears (sorry Bob) kick some Packer Ass. Hey Bears fans....how good did they look!!!! We have been waiting for Rex to play like that for years....let's hope he stays healthy.

I took yesterday off from work to hang out with my dad some more. He came by the apartment around 8:30 and we promptly put him to work fixing stuff around our apartment. He put dimmer switches in our dinning room, and just some other little odd jobs that we needed help with.

It was so awesome to see him and already can't wait to see him in 6 weeks for the marathon. So happy birthday to me (although it's a bit early) and thanks Dad for coming to visit. You and Jason will have to get more clever as the years go on though if you keep doing this :-)

Today is an 8 mile GA run and then...well I haven't looked at the rest of the week yet, so I don't know.


Lana said...

What an awesome weekend - glad you got to hang out with your dad!!

Happy Birthday!!

Bob said...

Congrats on the new floors and seeing your Dad. Man he sure got you a nice b-day gift, that Garmin is sweet. :)

Don't be sorry about the Pack, I do like the Bears chances....sigh....that was really hard to say.

Scott said...

Leah...it was your BIRTHDAY?????? I just wanted to watch the Bears with you!



Firefly's Running said...

Thank you to DA BEARS for giving Packers a BIG SPANKING! LOL!

I am glad that the floors look good. Nice long run!

Nicole said...

What a great surprise. I also get to see my dad marathon weekend and am excited as well.

Congrats on the new floors as well.

Thomas said...

That's a great surprise - and you fell for it, again! I guess they have to come up with something different next year.

Try to get the 8-15k race (or time trial) in next weekend. I find those to be great workouts, which you shouldn't miss.