Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not Far Enough

Well the weekend of moving has come to an end.

We are slowly making headway in moving the important stuff from our old apartment to our new apartment and have a solution for the cat urine stains. Jason's dad (thanks Walt!) had a good solution to try and contain the smells at least until we could talk to the apartment folks on Tuesday. We got some plastic painters floor covering and put a big rectangle over where the stains are and then sealed the edges with duct tape. I think it has helped a lot already and so hopefully the apartment will air out in the next few days and then we can deal with the stains on Tuesday (hopefully!)

What's frustrating is that they aren't my cat's stains as she always goes in her box (and let's all give Dagny a big hand as even though there are cat smells all over the new place she is dutifully using her box!).

The run today was well. crappy. after the whirlwind of the last few days I have to say I am happy that we went out at all all. We went 5 miles yesterday and then 7 today with about 3-4 more walking back to the bus stop. I am a bit dissapointed, but that's what happens when Life happens. We should get things under control today and tomorrow and get back on the schedule this week. OH AND I found a nice little track on Chicago and basically the lake front. My dad said it might have been a part of Northwestern but now it's just a track for the public. It has two softball fields in the middle of it so no need to dodge the high school kids since it's not part of a school. That's a huge find because I'll be able to do my speed workouts there.

Alright, we are currently at our old apartment getting some last minute stuff (coffe pot and pizza cutter are vital to our living) and then it's back to the new place to clean up the rooms, put clothes away, move boxes out of the room that has now been labeled the 'P' room....and probably watch some Scrubs on DVD...which by the way is the best show ever!

A big thanks goes out to Jason for being so positive about this experience. He is and always the be the best hubby a girl can have. :-)

Here's to a better week of running and living situations!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there. The running will come along once the chaos goes away.

Josh said...

Sorry to hear the move has been a difficult one. I once tried closing my eyes really hard for 10 seconds to see if my stuff would move itself, it didn't work. That move sucked - a lot.

Thomas said...

With all the extra stress connected to moving coming your way, I'm actually impressed that you managed to get out for a few runs at all.

Running Rabbit said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have a great cat and hubby. Things will get better.