Friday, September 15, 2006

More Working At Home

Jason and I have been throwing around the idea of working almost exclusively from home. I am not hooked up with any kind of postdoc at Fermilab so there is no one to talk to on a daily basis. And with the ease of iChat video on the Macs I can actually video conference with my advisor easier if I am at home. Plus the iMac that we have is much faster than my desktop at work so that's not an issue.

That being said....we all know that working at home turns into "working at home" frequently. We have to make sure that we get good quality work done at home to make it possible. We are thinking about giving it a two week trial period and seeing how it goes. We'll still have to go in once a week probably to meet with our advisor when he's in town, but that's really it.

So that's the idea, I am really hoping that we can make it work. On Monday, Comcast comes and puts in our new shiney services (we went for the triple play and we are getting DVR which I am super excited about) so we'll be able to start the work at home plan next week. Here's to hoping.

12 miles later today which will be more neighborhood running, hopefully I can dodge the lights a little bit better today.

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