Thursday, September 07, 2006

11 Weekday Miles

Yesterday Jason and I did an 11 mile medium long run. I guess these paces should be around where you long run paces are. Our first 5 miles or so were probably a little too fast (9 and under) but as we were running down Chicago Ave we made every single light. For those of you city kids you know how infrequent that is. We got to the lakefront and since all of our distances are screwed up from as we knew them before we decided to shake things up a bit. Now wait for it....we get kind of crazy here.

Instead of staying on the lake front path after the aquarium, we took a left and ran out onto the point by the planitarium. This was probably at about 7:30 pm and the view of the Chicago skyline was breath taking. New don't have much on that view. Sorry. We turned around on the other side of the planitarium, stretched for about a minute and stared at the full moon with several sailboats beneath them. I would love to have a really nice digital camera where I could take long exposure pictures that would have the moon or even that night time skyline in them.

We finished the run averaging 9:14 min/miles which is perfect. We stopped at a Walgreens for some gatorade and then jumped on the Chicago bus back to western. I had worn a cotton t-shirt last night and it was soaked with sweat, so I was totally that nasty sweaty person on the bus. Oh well, I say if you don't like it.....don't take the bus.

We have a contractor coming to look at our floors today. I had to go to work today so Jason is in charge of making sure it gets taken care of. You can all imagine how much I like not being in charge, but Jason is a lot nicer than me so Mr. Contractor won't get yelled at if he thinks the floors don't need to be done....which he cannot possibly think as far as I am concerned. I am hoping that Jason can convince the guy that since he is doing a patch of the kitchen floor to do all of it because they aren't in the best shape...we'll see.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Bob said...

Good run and good luck with the floor. Hey where are the apartment pictures....did I miss something???

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run. Way to go!

Ry said...

11 miles on weekday ... you guys, Rock. Keep it up!