Friday, September 29, 2006

It's windy and I'm weary

I'm starting to get pretty tired so I think it's time to taper.

Some rather fantastic lyrics to a Barry Manilow-esque song about running? No, just the way I feel today.

Leah and I had ten miles to get in today and, since we also had to take in the rent to the one rental agency towards which we harbor no ill will, we decided to run straight down Damen to Lincoln and Montross and then back. Heading out there got out to a slow start as Leah's ankle was acting up (there's going to be much icing during the next three weeks) but we eventually made it to the rental agency. We dropped off the rent and the management lady (Carolyn or Caroline or University of North Carolina or...something) was so awesome. She was so excited that we ran all the way from our neighborhood and thought it was so cool that we were running the marathon. I'm so glad we moved. I like nice people.

Then we turned to head 5 miles back.

Straight into the wind.

Lots of wind.


But we made it back. Basically, my legs were just tired. They didn't hurt super bad or anything, they just really, really wanted to stop moving and assume a horizontal position. Despite that, we still pushed on to finish a very hard 10 miles. Grueling, you might say. It's sometimes nice to have those sort of runs so that you know you can run when tired. Or, at least, that's the positive spin I'm putting on it.

Oh, and when we arrived back at our apartment, the Garmin read 10.00. How amazing is Leah at making routes?

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Firefly's Running said...

I hate wind too. It's really horrible. It's okay to be tired. You are near your taper time and then the BIG DAY.