Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That's The Last Time

Yesterday, because we are brilliant, we had another 26 hours awake period. Because I didn't sleep all weekend, I slept from 10:30pm Sunday night till about 9:30 Monday morning. However, I had another owl shift at Fermilab from 12am-8am Tuesday morning. So, by the time the shift was over we had been up for about 22 hours (this not taking into account the great sleep I got while dozing in the control room...that's comfy :-( ). But hey, I know, let's go run.

That had been our original plan and I didn't want to stray from it. So we were able to run a little over 4 miles and I have to say felt pretty good. It was a beautiful morning out and after being stuck in a basement for 8 hours it felt great to be out in the sunshine.

The idea also is now our clocks should be switched over. We went to bed at 11am and got up at 7pm. So we'll try the same thing tomorrow morning, with a scheduled 6 mile run tomorrow.

I think our conditioning is higher than it ever has been since I don't think I could have just gone out there to run 4 miles after being up for 22 hours. I am just worried that this is going to turn around and bite us in the ass in the upcoming days. All I can do at this point is sleep more, and try and stay on some kind of schedule.


John said...

I don't know how you do this. Even when I was in college in the 80s, I'd be a babbling mess if I pulled those hours and then tried to run. I'm glad it's working for you two...

LeahC said...


i promised myself after undergrad that I woudln't pull all nighters any more. I got through my course work for grad school without doing it, but I had to do it last night. I really hate pulling these hours....oh and I am babbling mess. I forgot to mention that while we were running I kept screaming "Good Morning _____" whatever we were running by at the time (grass, water, buildings) then I would start running with really funny form. I did that until I yelled a a building and there was a guy standing there looking at me like I was completely out of my mind...which of course I was :-)