Saturday, May 13, 2006

32 Hours to Go

Here I am at Fermilab ready to start my 24 hour awakeness. Jason is on shift until 4pm then we have a volleyball team gathering at 5pm, then I have a shift from midnight-8am, then from 8am-4pm tomorrow Jason is on shift. So we'll be able to head home in roughly 32 hours. The good thing is that our friends Mikko and Tuula live on the Fermilab site and so we are going to partake in use of their guestroom. Jason will sleep during my 12-8 shift and I'll try and sleep during his 8-4 shift tomorrow. Back in my hayday I would have probably been able to stay awake for the full 32 hours, but homeslice can't do that craziness anymore. Although I might be loopy enough at 8am to go for it.

Running? Oh yeah gotta fit that in too!

So my toe was feeling much better in the afternoon yesterday (I think the problem yesterday morning was that I had tried to put about a tube of neosporin on it and then wrapped it up in 3 bandaids....but really tight. I think I blocked all blood flow going to the poor piggy and so that is why it's throbbing pain woke me up at 4:30 in the morning yesterday) So I went to the drugstore and found these Blister bandaids which you can keep on for many days, would keep dirt out of there and would stop the pain, so I thought I would try that. They worked really well and so my toe was hurting much less by 6pm. We went for a 3.2 mile run around the neighborhood. I do love the week after a race because I dont' care if I get stopped by stoplights or traffic or pedestrians or whatever and so we can do our runs through the city instead of our usual out and back on the lakefront path.

Our plan if we can get some sleep tonight and tomorrow afternoon will be to try a run when we get back home from work around 5pm.

One more desktop at home..the new fancy iMac with the intel chip, dual processor hotness is WAY WAY faster than my 4 processor computer here at work. I am trying to run some fitting code that's a bit complicated and takes about 3 or 4 hours at home and the same code here at work has been running for about 2 days now....So kudos to the Intel iMacs, I have been very impressed so far with their preformance. And I say HA to everyone that said that I shouldn't have purchased one so early in the release (we got it the week the iMacs were released to the Apple stores!)


Anonymous said...

Great find on the Band-Aid - I've used them before as well.
I gotta hand it to you - your lab work and crazy hours is something I can't do. I rarely see midnight these days.

LeahC said...


oh i am way not happy about the shifts. it totally screws my entire schedule. I am more of a morning person and would rather work really early till early I very rarely see midnight on a normal day!

John said...

If you have the new iMac with the Intel chip then you can install Windows using Boot Camp. Then you can get a new Garmin Forerunner 205 or 305 and use SportTracks instead of waiting until Garmin comes out with a Mac version of software....

Susan said...

hee - I love my imac too! Just don't lick it.

LeahC said...

john-oh yes I have thought about the dual boot, which I think would work fine and I have heard that it is easy....but I just gotta get the funds for the watch :-)