Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It Just Never Feels Right

Last night I was very excited because I slept for 8 hours and I was ready to go and have a productive evening at the lab. Well what do you know, just into this ridiculous schedule for two days and my body is not quite adjusted. My code that I am working on runs so slooooooow. I have no patience. None. I don't know how people do this, make a small change in the code and then wait the rest of the night to see if it runs and since I am logged in remotely to my machine I get kicked off before the thing is done running. Needless to say not a lot of progress was made last night which is dissapointing since I am stuck sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours.

Jason came down to keep me company around 4am and we played a round of Rummy 500 (which I always win at!). I was down to 495 to 425 (which as we all should know by now makes Leah an unhappy girl) so Jason just had to not get negative points on the next hand for me to stay in the game. I had a great hand and in a couple of passes was able to go out with 75 points and Jason with -50 final score Leah=500 and jason =445 (oh DAMNIT I won again!!! Jesus I am competative!)

So when the shift was over I was a bit concerned about the run we had planned. My tummy was revolting against my brillant decision for one last handful of Hot Tamales and my legs seemed tired as the stairs back out of the dungeon to my office seemed to continue on forever. We had 6 miles planned and I had made a great loop using FavoriteRun (I want to start using my Timex GPS system again but the watch part needs a battery).

Within the first mile I wanted to throw in the towel. I am getting some sore arches and I don't know what the deal is. So we stopped and stretched for a few minutes and then went back on it. I think we were at about mile 2 and I told Jason the only reason I wanted to keep going was so I could post the loop we were running on the site because I thought it was a good one. We kept going and at about mile 3 the pains and little annoyances worked themselves out and I felt great. It's so warm and sunny and amazing out that it really makes up for the hours in the basement. So we finished our 6 miles with a little bit of speed and were happy with the run.

So we should be back on it tomorrow with a scheduled 5 miles (I want to get to 30 miles this week. So we are going to try 4,6,5,3,3,9 for the week). We did not sleep great this afternoon though. Didn't fall asleep till 12:30 or so, and then there was a phone call that woke us up at 2 pm and then some rain storms that kept us awake for awhile around 5pm. Hopefully work stuff goes better tonight and hopefully tomorrow we can sleep a bit more normally tomorrow afternoon.


Bob said...

Is anyone else noticing a trend here, Leah "beats" Jason at everything.....I am beginning to think Jason is a very smart man....nice run I love beating that little nagging voice that says cut it short. I almost turned my 7 miler into a six yesterday, I am finding I win that mental battle more then I lose it lately.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congrats, Leah, on powering through your run (and your come-from-behind victory at Rummy).

Nice course around Fermilab.  Do you ever see buffalo while you are running?

Jason said...

We do see the buffalo! And now there are little baby buffalos to look at.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Baby buffalos?

Wow. I had just always assumed that they came out large.

LeahC said...

lol, yes but they are very cute when they are new borns. Although this year they have been farther off the road and so not so accessible to see. I'll have to take a picture as soon as they come around.