Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Go Figure

Well, you wouldn't think that playing volleyball for 3 hours would have any effect on your muscles...but alas that would be wrong thinking.


Too much crouching on the court = sore butt.
Too much setting = sore hands.
Too much spiking (and yes I can "spike" but we will totally pull out the air quotes) = sore upper body everywhere.

Even with all these sore muscles I was able to get 4 miles in yesterday with no problems...which you know is nice considering the upcoming race. Tonight we have a 30 minute tempo run, and then just 2 miles tomorrow.

Due to our fucked up schedule we have been getting runs in when we can and have gone away from running in the earlier mornings. I hope this doesn't have a a huge effect on my racing ability on Saturday morning. We will try and give ourselves plenty of down time before the race by trying to get our 2 miles in early tomorrow morning. We should also then be able to see if our legs even like to move in the morning :-)


Bob said...

A volleyball spiking, six foot tall runner chick. Damn girl.

LeahC said...

I like to liberally use the word spiking :-)

Josh said...

Sore butt from too much crouching? I didn't realize that was possible, then again, I've never played three straight hours of volleyball. I'm sure the change in schedule will be just fine. No problems whatsoever.

Haight said...

Crouching Runner, Hidden Spiker?