Friday, May 12, 2006

Best Race Photos EVER

The race photos from the official photographers at the Indy Race are up and got some GREAT shots of Jason and I running. Here we go :

Here's the runners pre-race

Here's Jason looking very runnerish!

Here's Jason and Leah on the Speedway (you can see that big pole in the background that during the Indy 500 has the positions of the cars on it)

Here's Leah crossing over the bricks at the speedway (and looking very runnerish although I think I'm waving to the camera above me)

Here's Jason and Leah finish which I had to include because I'm an ass....who's in front...that's right. I am.

Hope you enjoyed!


Bob said...

Those are great photo's, a couple of wall hangers there. And my you are a competitive one. Runnerly couple you two.

LeahC said...

me competative?? I really am! :-)

John said...

Great photos. You look too happy to be running hard. I guess you just need to go faster :-)

Susan said...

those are the BEST photos!!!! I'm so jealous - I always look like a heffalo running!

LeahC said...


these are the only good race pictures we have ever taken! i look like an ape in the marathon photo pictures because everytime i would see a camera i would start waving and so I look really ridiculous in those. OH and in some of the pictures my stepmom took...i am lookin' real real bad.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Terrific photos!