Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not about the Indy Mini, Part I

Well, I'm not sure if there will be an official part two, but let's just let this be the post to kick off all the posts that talk about something other than the Indy 1/2.

So, yesterday we did around 4 miles at a nice, easy pace. It was what would be considered a recovery run for the race. Today we stretched it out a bit and did 5 miles at a much higher tempo. We started out kind of slow but quickly picked up the pace and finished at a nice clip. Sort of a tempo run for people who don't want to do a tempo run, per se.

It was still pretty relaxed, though. We did our usual out and back 5 miler and, during the "and" part (you know, the part that is neither out nor back), we stopped and stretched a bit.

Naturally all we could talk about during the run was the marathon. Training for the marathon, specifically. I think talking about running fast makes us run faster, so tomorrow and Friday we will have to talk about running slow or something. Those days need to be nice, easy recovery runs so that we can be in good shape to start ramping the miles back up.

In other news, this Monday is the volleyball playoffs at Fermilab. I'm sure everyone will be there to root us on? No? If not, that's okay. We have first round elimination written all over us. Last year I had a nasty cold for the playoffs but pulled a Michael Jordan and had the game of my life. Sadly, we fell just short of victory, but I think we scared the other team who expected to win handily. I'm still working on catching a cold by Monday.

Go D0h!

(that's our team, really.)

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Bob said...

Slowing down is hard, I struggle with it as well. Good luck with the volleyball.