Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's Spring Time in the City

When Jason and I got to our car the other day all the pretty pink flowers that are on the trees around here had fallen off (I guess it's time to switch to leaves) and were coating the cars and the ground. Last summer there was NO rain and so all the trees started dying. We live on the third floor of our apartment building and there is a really big tree outside which we see the top of. The poor thing was dying in like July because there was just not water. So as annoying as it is to run in the rain, it makes everything around so green and sparkly so then it's ok :-).

The cat is also happy with the weather. I think she forgot about last summer when it was 100 degrees outside and so 120 in again our 3rd floor apartment and turned into kitty goo. Enjoy it while you can baby kitty!

We'll go for an easy 4 miler this evening when Jason gets home from work. Due to my mouth getting drilled out this morning, I am working from home today.


Bob said...

Hope your teeth feel better soon.
Did I see the Brew Crew put a whipping on the Cubbies over the weekend...down there in your neighborhood? ;)
I gotta hand it to old Mad Dog however, that guy can pitch.

LeahC said...

Yeah I don't want to talk about the cubs...geez their offense is horrible. But my god, Maddux has been an animal. I wonder if can go 6-0....

Bob said...

Tough break with Lee getting hurt. Have a great run tonight, I am going to try to get out of this run I am in with a good run.....here's to hope.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - there is nothing like spring in the city. Hope your mouth is doing well. Run well.

Scott said...

Great pics! You still have that photographer's eye!