Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sore Toesie

So people that know stuff...

After the 1/2 marathon I had a nasty blister on my left foot, 3rd toe between toes 2&3. So like anyone would do I picked at it until it popped (i know i know probably shouldn't have done that...but really I can't help's there, it's filled with wants to be popped).

Anyways, I put a bandaid on it to keep it from getting infected or anything but now it's being really weird. My toe is red and it's really sore where the blister was but there is nothing to pop, it's like a harded layer over where the blister had been.

Any idea what is going on , why is it getting so sore 5 days after the race?

Aside from that, as Jason mentioned yesterday our 5 mile run went really well. Today though (if said toe allows me) we will go slow...I really have to get better at going slow on recovery days. The plan is to go 4 easy today, 3 easy tomorrow and 8 on Saturday. Then I'll take Sunday and Monday off because I'll be on the midnight-8am shift next week and need to get myself onto that schedule as quickly as possible. Jason and I decided that we will run here at the Lab after the shift on these days because the traffic is so horrific at 8am anyways, that there is no point in leaving until a bit later. Then we should get home around 10:30 sleep until whenever and then back out to the lab. We'll see how well that goes next week!


Joe said...

Sorry to hear about your toes. Did you try coating them with vaseline before the race? I've heard that helps.

Actually, I was bit suprised that you guys didn't take a little more time off after your amazing race. I raced on Sunday and I am not going to run again until tonight. Having said that, I did swim on Monday and Wednesday but swimming isn't that hard on the legs.

I hope you toe heals quickly.

LeahC said...

I think I wanted to get back into it because I have bad tendacy to loose the spunk after a race and I didn't want to get used to not running. Since our schedule is so crappy, I want to make sure I am ready to attack the marathon training. That said we did take 2 full days off after the race, and only ran 2 days last week before the race.

I didn't put anything on my toes, but just becasue I never's just such a weird thing because it's more annoying than anything else. We'll see how it feels tonight after our run.

Scott said...

Clearly you didn't dig at it deeply enough. Go after it with a paperclip or similar.