Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Have a Question

I am sitting here watching the Cubs game (they are finally winning a game!) and during the commercial breaks I have literally only seen commercials for big ass SUVs. Why? Why in a country where gas is 3+ dollars a gallon are people even still buying these!?!? My favorite is the commercial for the Mountaineer.....really....a mountioneer? Because
a) anyone actually driving the said Mountioneer is living in any kind of mountainous country? Of course not as these are luxury vehicles and people are driving them around places like LaGrange.
b) anyone that actually lives in Moutainous country is actually driving one of these? Of course not as they are probably driving pickup trucks or jeeps...not a fucking luxury vehicle.
Sorry for the rant, I just don't understand how a country facing an energy crisis.....

***note :J ason is screaming from the living room at another SUV commercial that just advertised seating for 5. Because a civic or any other kind of sedan doesn't have seating for 5???**

...can be so ok even manufacturing cars like this anymore. oooh I HATE SUVS. ok i'm done now :-)


jeanne said...

those ads must be directed at people living in bethesda, md. Suburban, flat, never-snows, md. as in outside of d.c. where every living being drives an SUV!!!!
(sorry, hit a nerve!) :)

Haight said...

Although, the new Volkswagen Jetta commercial that has people yelling 'personal shortcomings' with megaphones is pretty damn funny.

Go Cubs!!!

Josh said...

A few people mistakenly think that they can make up with their poor driving skills by driving a bigger car. If I had an SUV, I'd take it off road and roam the flat lands of KS until I found a mountain!

Anonymous said...


Amen! Very well put :) I am always complaining to my husband about SUV's and those big ass trucks that are oh so obnoxious. Like they really haul anything with those trucks? Yeah right, those people are too busy trying to keep their trucks pristine to put anything dirty in them to haul!


Joe said...


LeahC said...

Jennifer....yes i love the peoeple with Hummers (and don't even GET me started on those stupid things) that will dodge potholes because they don't want to ruin their 75000 vehicle.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...
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