Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My College Roommate

I met Bridgette my first day at Indiana University my freshman year. We lived down the hall from each other but became fast friends even though we were from wildly different backgrounds. Due to us each having loser roommates who would be in bed by 10pm, we would go searching the halls for late night reruns of Star Trek-The Next Generation. That's right Bridgette, I just called you out on your Trekkiness.

When I mistakenly said, "You know that song, that one I like, you know by Two Pack" (Should have been Tupac...I know I know....I'm a loser) She did laugh, oh she laughed....but didn't continue to make fun of me....well for long anyways.

We shared rooms, and roommates and late night shakes at Steak and Shake. She has always amazed me as a person more than she'll probably ever know and now she's taken it up a level. Apparently she made a 30 by 30 list, 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30. Turns out a triathelon is high on the list so she has started training for her first one. And due to my incessant pestering she started a blog. As she is a beginner I am sure she would love any advice you can give her. So go by and say hi at :

(The picture was taken towards the end of my wedding....although that was a common pose for us in our undergrad hayday!)


Bridgette said...

You're the greatest!

Joe said...

> So go by and say hi

Aye, aye, Captain Janeway, I will! BTW, nice pic...a couple of cuties for're definitely NOT venting plasma off the port nacelle.

Away Team...out.

Bridgette said...

OH yeah - I wanted to also say that you could've gotten a better pic of me, you know, BEFORE I WAS DRUNK & SWEATY! :)

LeahC said...

yes but look at how much fun we are having! Me Drunk? No, I was quite the classy bride...ok maybe not :-)