Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Indy Mini : Part 4, Quick Wrap Up

If you have not read my full report on the race go here.

I just wanted to post where we finished in the field. So here we go :

Leah's Stats :
Total : 3761/27642 = 13.6%
Women : 636/14337 = 4.4%
Division (F25-29) : 151/2474 = 6.1%
Chip Time : 1:47:21
Pace : 8:12

Jason's Stats :
Total : 3753/27642 = 13.6%
Men : 3120/13305 = 23.4%
Division (M25-29) : 468/1609 = 29.1%
Chip Time : 1:47:19
Pace : 8:12

I am not trying to be lame (really not) but I don't understand why Jason's time is 2 seconds faster than mine because I was a couple strides ahead of him at the finish....humpf.

Anyways, I am really happy with my position among the masses and again, it's so funny how far off Jason is from the top percents in his groupings. I think he mentioned that he would eventually like to be in the top 10% of the men which I think it totally doable and a good future goal.

One last segment to this race weekend wrap will follow with our plans for the Chicago marathon given the results from this race.


Jason said...

I can confirm that she was, in fact, one stride ahead of me. So, say, 3 to 5 feet.

I'm not sure where they got the whole "Jason's the Winner" thing, although it might be that the race coordinators finally read my letters: "Dear Race Guys, I don't want to lose to my wife again, a little help would be appreciated."

Although who knows, maybe it was just a technology glitch.

These things happen.

Bob said...

hahahaha Jason wins! Jason wins!! We're men we're men we're manly manly men.

I am really getting a sense of being pretty fired up about Chicago from you Leah, I am liking it.

Joe said...

Wow, Leah, 4.4% for all women! Perhaps we can call you "elite" now? And Jason, you're not to shabby yourself! You beat more than 3/4 of the men! Way to go!

LeahC said...

I think we should be keeping the quotes on the elite :-)

Jason rocks. Even though the percentages are higher it's still so awesome that he was in the top 25%.

I am sad because one day in the future if he wants to go for boston I don't think we'll be training together....and I think jason can totally do it. Do you people realize while I have been running for about 10 years now, Jason only started running (and only like a couple miles) like 2 years ago. Nice job baby!

Susan said...

Leah/Jason, I registered for the Indy Mini today for 2007 and I think those that run above 1:48 do get *elite* seeding . . . woo hoo - I know famous people now! You guys rock.

LeahC said...


I did notice that.....which is really scary because when we looked for our friend who was in corral 'C' he was way up there....scary, but also really exciting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you crossed the starting line before Jason making your chip time slightly different. Either way - awesome job.