Friday, July 15, 2005

Yesterday we ran 4.5 miles. The shoes are still feeling good. They will have the big test tomorrow with our long run of the week at 13.5 miles. We are going to visit Jason's parents in Fort Wayne, so it will be a whole new place to run.

It looks like Jason and I will have to move due to a lame rental agency, (don't even get me started) and so during the run yesterday we talked about neighborhoods and price limits and all that good stuff. How does this relate to the marathon? We will have to move the weekend before the event Gotta be careful not to drop a box of books or something on my toe. ouch. Hmm...maybe we should get movers....we are on a 3rd floor apartment.

The Route:
Grace&Wayne->Waveland->Lake Front Path->4.5 mile marker->Back to waveland->Halstead

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