Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our schedule had us running 4.5 on Tuesday and then 7.5 Wednesday with an off day on thursday. Since I was unsure of the status of my ankle after falling off my bike like an idiot (the bike was not moving, seriously) I thought best to switch around thursday and tuesday.

This seemed to work ok as 7.5 miles went alright. I had pretty sore legs everywhere for the first 2.5 -3 miles or so, but the pain subsided enough to allow me to finish.

The Route:

Grace&Wayne->Waveland->Lake Path->6.5 Mile Marker : Oak St. beach->Back to 3.5 Mile Marker : Belmont

Today we will run 4.5 at Fermi Lab before we go to Leah's fams for dinner.

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