Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well our long run on Sunday, July 10th was horrible.

We like to get up around 5am on Sunday mornings and be out the door by about 6am, and then done with the whole thing by 8:30 or 9:00. So I wake up on Sunday morning, slowly look at the clock and it's 6:30...WHAT?!?!?!?! I don't know if turned off my alarm or slept though lots of snoozes. who knows.

So we left the house around 7:30 or so, and just the whole time was bad. I don't know what to do when runs like this happen. My legs are tired. I'm completly unmotivated to be out there. However, we did run/walk the entire 13.5 miles, and paces 10:01 miles. This is not good.

We did however find out that Fleet Feet has another water and gatorade stand on the South Side of Navy Pier, which is totally awesome and something to keep running for!

After the run we talked about reasons it could have gone so badly. Jason and I need to realize that runs will not just "go good" because we want them to. We treated ourselves very badly the week before this run. Runs were moved around, sleep was not had on many nights due to the heat and presentations at work. In fact sleep in general was very hard to come by last week. Dinners were eaten anywhere rom 9-10pm.

We realized that we are training to run the marathon and so we need to treat ourselves like we are doing so. We were glad that we could pin down what was wrong and the craptastic run wasn't due to injury.

The route:

Grace&Wayne->Byron->Southport->Clark->Montrose->Lake Front Path->8.5 Mile Marker->Back to water fountain that is right past 3.5 Mile Marker

Monday, July 11th : We ran 3.5 miles and already felt better. We took things slow and steady and felt better than we have on many Mondays past.

The route

Grace&Wayne->Byron->Clark->Montrose->Lake Front Path->Waveland->Clark

Tuesday, July 12th: Ran 4.5 miles and just had "tired legs" We have both been noticing that our legs have just been hurting a bit more lately and have decided that it's time for some new shoes. Our current pair was purchased at the beginning of April, so 3.5 months is about time to retire them. We will start keeping better track of the actual milage on the shoes, and plan on needing one more pair before the marathon.

The route:

Grace&Wayne->Waveland->Lake Front Path->4.5 Mile Marker->Back to Waveland->Halstead


Scott said...

Hey Kids!
Your comment about the run not going good just because you want it to is so ...well, so grown up! So much of sailing is the same.

So much of life too!

I like your running log. Can it have arrows?


LeahC said...

oooh, maps of the route, with arrows might be a graet idea! hmm....maybe the blog can become a "thing"

thanks for reading! and commenting!