Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Like Jason said the run was alright. Not good for me, not bad either though. Just seemed long and slow. But it always feels good to be done with the run no matter how it went. We stopped for water at about 3.5 miles and then again at about 4.5 miles and then just finished up.

I traded in my shoes yesterday at Fleet Feet and got the ones that Jason is wearing. The asics 2100. They feel very similar to the Brooks Adrenaline and thought i'd give them a shot since they do seem a bit "bouncier" than the adrenalines.

There will have to be one more pair of shoes bought before the actual race so I will decide then which shoes I want to run the marathon in.

I am keeping track of the distance that we put on the shoes on the right hand side and know that when those numbers hit about 300 miles it will be time to get a new pair. We are running over 30 miles a week, so this will be less than 10 weeks, which will be just a few weeks before the marathon. perfect timing.

The Route:
G&W->Waveland->Lake Front Path->6.5 Mile Marker (Oak St. Beach)->Back to 3 Mile Marker (totem pole)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leah!
I´m in the Dunkirk library...neat old building. CAn´t believe that you didn´t find shoes that had an milage meter right on them so you wouldn´t have to keep track by hand!