Monday, July 25, 2005

Leah did a great job recapping this weekend of running. Let me just add a few things (well, the only thing I'm going to add is my opinion).

  • It is totally sweet running at midnight. The temperature is perfect, it is completely deserted, and you feel like a total bad-ass. It is a little crazy, though.
  • It is really nice to shake things up a bit. These last two runs were in new locals and it made all the difference. I could have done without the hills, though.
  • Joe is amazing.
I also ran a little bit with my brother on Sunday morning. He is just getting started running, so we just ran 10 minutes out and then walk-ran the rest of the way back. He did a really good job and pushed himself through the hills nicely. I felt fine on that run.

The hills were pretty hard on my knees too and I'm really glad that I don't run in the hilly areas anymore. In Bloomington my knees were always hurting and I figured out a way that I could stretch my knee while running and aleviate the pain for a couple minutes. I just sort of take a big step, where my knee comes up above my waist towards my chest and then I extend my leg out a big and complete the step. It sort of feels like it is just taking the pressure off the knee rather than really stretching anything, but whatever it does it helps. It is pretty rough to just keep running on a knee that hurts.

Hopefully Leah's knee gets better soon. Lots of ice and aleve and run slow, I guess.

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