Monday, July 18, 2005

This past weekend Jason and I went to Fort Wayne, IN to visit Jason's parents for a weekend bbq. We decided to do the long run early on Saturday morning. So we got up at 5am, ate some toast and drove some water bottles to leave on the side of the road where we knew we would be running. On the way back from doing that it started POURING! I was so annoyed because it was looking like we would have to wait until the evening to get the run in, or go on Sunday morning. So we had a cup of coffee, everyone was waking up because the thunder was incredibly loud. Around 7am, the storms stopped so we decided to go then.

We had a GREAT run. It was so nice to shake things up a bit. It started raining about 30 minutes into the run, but it was that awesome rain. No wind, and not cold, just a constant rain. It totally didn't bother us though, and I found it quite fun to run in the rain, through the country. We ran by farms and fields, and saw the apartment complex that Jason spent many years living as a kid. Before I knew it we were at 11 miles with only 2.5 to go. We finished in 1:59 so under two hours! This put us at a pace of 8:48, which is not bad considering all the hills that we had to conquer which we never see in Chicago.

We took Sunday off and will be running 3.5 later today.

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Jason said...

And don't forget we set a new PR for the half marathon, 1:55!