Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yesterday Jason and I stopped at Fleet Feet on the way home from the Metra station to get some new shoes. They are a specialty running store and know lots about shoes! Was Leah in heaven? Yes she was! They let you run in the shoes after you try them on and so it's easy to compare them. We both tried a new type of shoe with Leah going with the New Balance 765, and Jason with Asics GT-2100. (Thanks again Dad!)

Of course we started out on them with a 7.5 mile run, and our legs felt good! Lots of times I get pain on the outter parts of my shins. Didn't feel any of that yesterday. We'll have a 4.5 mile run this afternoon to do more testing.

The Route:

Grace&Wayne->Waveland->Lake Front Path->6 Mile Marker->Back to Waveland->Halstead

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