Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just got done running 7.5 miles here at Fermi Lab. The run went great. We slowed down a little for the first thing which I think is helping. I'm not a 8:45 miler....for these long distances...yet anyways.

So we ran from D-Zero towards the east entrance, and on the North side of Batavia Rd is a little path, so we ran down there and immediatly the gravel that was the road turned into flattened grass. But i thought well it's something different as we always run on concrete. So we took it and 10 minutes later (or less) we were in the middle of freakin' no where. It really was amazing, I felt like I was in some different country or something, not at a high energy physics lab. Which was very cool. We followed this little semi path around a couple of the lakes here and ended up back in the Village. We ran around there a little, past the softball game, and then back to the little road by CDF that we found yesterday and back to D-Zero ending at the Outback.

It was a great run, and nice to shake things up a little, especially here were a 7.5 mile run could consist of 4 long, boring straightaways.

Also, no leg pain to report....this could be because of the 2 aleve that I took before we left. One more quick note, I haven't had much of an appetite these last few days, eating small meals and not finishing them. I was pretty hungry today on the run and as suggested by Jason will try to do more snacking to get my appitite back to normal. I can't not be eating right now as I need the food for the energy to get through these runs.

so 7.539 Miles in 1:08.09 giving a pace of 9:02 min/mile

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