Thursday, August 30, 2007

V02ing Our Asses Off

Yesterday we had a 9 mile run with 5x1000m @5K pace. Last week when we had our first VO2 max workout we had to take longer breaks between the repeats and so we were hoping for some improvement on that front.

I figured that a 3:40 marathon says your 5K pace should be about 7:15 min/mile. Doing some math to determine then how long the repeats should take we can just scale the time for one mile down : 7.25 min x 1000m/1600m = 7.25 x 5/8 = 4.5ish. So we were looking to get our 1000m repeats done in about 4:30 minutes. My Garmin has been having some problems getting a signal lately. I don't know what the deal is but it just kept searching for a signal outside our apartment. Since I knew how far we had run the previous week for 8 miles and that our repeats would be 1.25 miles longer (400m longer per repeat) that we could just end where we did the week before and be confident that it was long enough.

So we headed out and admittedly didn't feel wonderful heading to the track. But we got there and cranked up the iPods and started. We did better on the breaks needing only longer breaks before the last two repeats which was nice to see. Our splits ended up being :
  1. 4:19
  2. 4:24
  3. 4:24
  4. 4:26
  5. 4:19
So nice job us! When I looked closer at paces, a 5K pace for a 3:35 marathon is 7:06. This translates to about 4:25 for 1000m so we were more in range with a bit faster race which is nice to see. I was a bit worried about this workout after the speed we had done our long run at on Sunday, but not to many ill effects.

Two things of note at the Track :
  1. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DOG PARK. While we were running one of our splits (I think it was the third one) some idiot dog owner let their dogs get off the leash and the dogs were running across the track right in front of me, leash (or big ass tripping hazard) trailing behind them. The owners ran right in front of me to get their dog to which I yelled an explicative perhaps. Seriously people, you have a whole fucking lake front to walk your stupid dogs, why come to the track? At least stay in the middle grassy part. There were several other people strolling along with their dogs right on the inside lane of the track. All they have to do is walk either on the outside or just go into the grass. I'm not saying that the people using the track are all important athletes because we are just regular Joes, but come on! It's a track for running, not putting your dogs on parade for an afternoon stroll.
  2. In one of the baseball fields that is within the track there was a father pitching little wiffle balls to his son. I didn't take notice right away until I heard a crack and that little kid popping off line drives. We told the dad that he had a really nice swing and he said, "Yeah he just loves to play and he just turned 2 last week!". We asked if he was a Cubs fan cause we could use him up on the North side. He answered that he worked for the Sox for 11 years so probably not. Given that we pay zero attention to the ball players on the South Side we were then wondering if that guy was a stupid would we have felt if he was. Jason says he was too small to be a player...let's hope so.
After the strides we ran back to Ogden and Chicago. Stopped in the CVS for a Gatorade and a water and since the first bus we saw was super crowded we walked on home. An ok idea until 3/4 of a mile later you realize that you still have 3/4 of a mile to go.

Off day today and then 12 miles tomorrow.


Thomas said...

Nice VO2Max workout, well done.

I haven't got Pfitz's book with me, but I'm pretty sure he has tables for the required times for VO2max workouts in the appendix (like appendix B or C). You don't even have to calculate them yourself.

Andrea said...

How did you calculate those 5K times? I need to do that...

LeahC said...

hey andrea-

I just went to the mcmillian page and put it my marathon goal time, then you can get paces for various distances 5K included. Then I just scaled it down by 5/8 (1000/1600) to give me the split that each 1000m should come in at.

hope that helps.

Scott said...

That guy might have been a Sox (Sock?). They tend to be tiny to make smaller targets for the various beer bottles, small arms, etc that get lobbed around down there.