Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is it possible to be too recovered?

Somebody out there needs to say yes. If you say yes, I can stop my recovery runs at 5 miles and not have to endure 6 miles of trudging through Chicago. Seriously.


Okay, I'm not really serious. Yesterday we had a six mile recovery and it went just fine. My legs felt fine the whole way and Leah's felt fine until the last quarter mile when she felt a twinge in her hamstring. I'm not sure what that was all about, but I think she's feeling better today. Wait, hang on, I'll ask her.


She said it's kind of tight but she's not that worried about it. Hmm. Well, anyway, the 14 miles today shouldn't be to hard on it. No, really, it might not be. I've never felt that long, slow distances were all that hard on the hamstrings. Although, I suppose that doesn't explain the fact that 6 slow miles caused the initial pain. I seem to be waffling on the issue. Maybe I should think my posts through before I post them?

Well, maybe we can run a half mile and stretch (to get the muscles warmed up), and then run the last 13.5 miles. Or not.

The weather forecast for today calls for 95 degrees, but it looks like it might be a dry heat. I know, it sounds like a hot heat, but it's not. It's dry. We won't start running until probably 6 tonight, though, and the temperature is expected to be down to 91 degrees, which is really not that bad.


Oooookay, this post was a bit more rambling than really necessary, but that's what happens when all one has to write about is a recovery run. So, I'll just leave you with the fact that the Cubs are still winning and are a mere one game out of first.

Go Cubs.

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Josh said...

Hope the run went well and the hamstring behaved itself. I'm looking forward to runs in 91 degree dry heat as opposed to 91 degree wet heat. Is any of that possible?