Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sore Throats, Goose Poop & 2/5

I have been battling a sore throat since about Monday. I am getting frustrated because my usual sick fix of sleeping as much as possible, isn't working as well as usual. I have been sleeping about 11 hours at night and still waking up with a scratchy throat. Although this morning it's actually maybe feeling a little bit better.

But in my new "get your runs in Bitch" mentality there is no room for "I have a sore throat and there is a 100 degree heat index outside." So we headed over to the Lakefront path near the totem pole and parked and we were off for our 11 mile medium long run. This is where the goose poop comes in. It's always around this time that the Canadian Geese come back and now they are all over the lakefront path between Fullerton and North Ave. Nasty...and they aren't scared of anything, so we are dodging them and their giant piles of poop. gross.

We were doing ok, miles where they should be. When we got to about 4.75 miles in we stopped for water and I stopped the watch (which I never do). But it's so hot out that we just stood in the shade for a bit before continuing on. At mile 6.5 we stopped and took a Gu and enjoyed the shade. One more stop at 8.5 miles in for some water and then we were on it to the end. Our last mile was in 8:22 (MRP) which was nice to see. We averaged 9 min/mile and granted this is our moving pace so with the stops I would say this would probably be around 9:15 min/mile which is still alright. I'm happy with that last mile and more importantly getting through it.

Hence 2/5 runs of the week done. We have a 4 mile recovery on Friday, an 8-15K race on Saturday (we are just going to try and do a one mile warmup and then 5 miles at MRP) and then 17 on Sunday. Should be doable.

Oh...Congrats to the Lovely Cousin Lisa and her Hubby who just bought their first condo! Now I am getting a condo buying bug. With Jason's new job we are looking to buy probably around May of next year. Plus I should have a job by then as well. Very exciting times. Wheeeeee!

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